Sam Stevens, Inc.

Sam Stevens specializes in specialty tillage equipment produced for West Texas and other sandy land soil areas.


Our equipment offers improvements to larger tractors and pieces of equipment manufactured by

other companies such as John Deere. Our implements improve other manufacturers' equipment to operate in

the Southeastern Texas land conditions.


Some of our most popular pieces of equipment are our Boll Buggies, Listers, Planter Attachments, Tool Bar Attachments, Stalkcutters and Sandfighters and other tools used to prepare soil and prevent soil erosion.


MADE IN AMERICA! Sam Steven's equipment is made here in Lamesa Texas in one of our 4 manufacturing plants located on our 30 acre complex.


Each of our plants is specialized to specific products. We use certified domestic steel ordered from U.S. mills and factory warehouses. Domestic steel promises superior strength and dependibility.


Not only is all our equipment manufactured in our plants, we also manufacture replacement parts for our equipment and similar competitors' equipment.


Key to the success of our equipment is our accessibility to our customers. The farmer is key to the development, and an integral part of the manufacturing process. Every piece of our equipment is farmer tested and any improvements

to our products are due to feedback from the farmers.